Taking Personalized Marketing to the Next Level

At its most basic level, the whole concept of marketing is to attract the attention of individuals and convince them to make purchasing decisions.
We all know this, and yet most marketing campaigns ignore individual people and instead focus on large demographic groups. While this can obviously be very successful, it is important to consider how far each campaign can proceed if it incorporates an individual approach.

How does personal marketing work?

The purpose of personal marketing is to connect people to each other. This does not mean building an entire advertising campaign around a person in Chicago who loves pizza and cats, but it means analyzing data to make each message as personal as possible.

In some cases, companies create personalized messages that are delivered via email or advertisements on the site. For example, Amazon.com engages in personal marketing every time they send someone an email containing products that the consumer first sees.

Personalized marketing can also be as simple as putting the customer’s name in every email they receive. However, if you are building a comprehensive marketing campaign, the personal approach needs to be changed for a wider and personal appeal.

Ideal Personalized Marketing Example

How does a company reach individual consumers and millions of people at the same time with a marketing message? Coca-Cola provided one of the best examples of personalized marketing with its Share Coke campaign. The company printed thousands of different names on 20-ounce bottles, and it generated a total of over 150 million sales in the summer of 2014.
Not only for everyone to search for their name
Was brought to the process through an enthusiast for, rather it enabled Coca-Cola to use a broader and distinct marketing approach at the same time. On a broader scale, the “you” font created for this campaign was spoken to all, as was the “Share a Cock” ad. However, individuals were able to feel that Coca-Cola was speaking directly to them when they found their name on an individual bottle.

Personalized Marketing for the Social Media Age

Coca-Cola’s campaign was huge due to its fascination with finding the appropriate bottle and then posting a selfie with it on social media. Selfie is one of the best ways to get people into your message. After all, you can get consumers to advertise by asking them to post selfies with their products. This actually causes them to create a personalized marketing message for themselves and their friends, which in turn promotes a personalized recommendation.

Another viable way to involve individuals in their personal marketing efforts is to encourage them to create and post videos. Your company can then take very good videos and share them to reach a wider audience.

Tesla Motors will now launch a competition for its customers and fans to create personalized marketing videos for them. It is a win as it fires the fan base and offers free advertising to Tesla Motors.

Personalized Marketing for the Social Media Age

Using personal landing pages
Are you trying to drive traffic to your main site from a diverse list of customer profiles? You can adopt a personal but comprehensive approach by creating landing pages for specific needs or locations.

For example, if you are building a website for a pest control company that operates in three cities, you will create a landing page for each city. To take this further, you will create a page for each city and each specific insect. This will help each person’s experience to personally send them the information they really need. Therefore, a homeowner in Atlanta who has a termite problem will be greeted by a landing page that addresses their location and issue. It is still broad from the company’s point of view, but it will be more personal to the consumer.

It is common to have one thing in every landing page and personalized email: compelling graphics and colors that set the appropriate mood. Many people understand their logo and other graphic designs and make an effort, but you need to go beyond that to make it accessible to the public.

Companies like Designhill make it possible to bring new marketing ideas to life through personalized graphics and updated logos. remember; Coca-Cola retained its iconic colors and logo, but rewrote its original script, acquiring an entirely new font. Using similar methods can truly build your marketing efforts.

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