Interview How to Win Birjit Poly-Hawk Marketing Marketing

Birgit Pauli – Heck, is a co-founder of Relvanza, a state-of-the-art digital marketing agency and consultant for online advocacy with offices in Naples, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina.

What do you think is the biggest asset in digital marketing for companies?

The company’s single most valuable asset for digital marketing is its website. It is the only digital space over which a company controls, owns; This is where the corporation’s history resides and where consumers can connect directly at all times. On the website, companies can publish as much content in text, photos, audio and video as appropriate to

the needs of their audience, community, customer base. Visitor visits around the website can be tracked, and with data in hand, companies can style messages and landing pages to be the most productive. The website is also the

collection of a company and the most reliable source of information for customers. All other digital assets are outside the control of a company. Use them, of course, but trusting them is more like building a house on rented land than a website.

Based on your experience, what are the most effective tricks for promoting digital marketing efforts?

There is a plan for all the various stages of engagement. Design engagement for each stage of the sales funnel. Keep content for visitors who come via social media, dislike intentions from those coming through Google search, be a bit more targeted with e-newsletters and offer exclusive content for repeat customers, in short: be helpful . Be generous To be grateful Create content that helps other people succeed. And make lots of great ingredients. And when kudos,

information, retweets, charnings and hearts are received, make sure they are accepted and return the favor. Thanks to the people for their support. The ultimate goal is to recommend a company and its services to others and to be its ambassador on social networks. Connect with the most active customers and affected people, and over time a company will organize and continuously grow its community

As it is an important branch, we have to keep up to date with every news coming. Which one do you think is the most promising in 2017?

The most promising news – or advances – in digital marketing are better ways for consumers and businesses to have direct contact with a brand. The conversation does not have to be a live video; However, it will play a major role. This can be through Facebook Messenger or Twitter direct messaging. Although I am a little concerned about mass

chatbots coming online, the market will outbid the bad guys very quickly. Chatbots that are intelligent, helpful and will provide a great experience. So does the implementation of augmented reality, as well as virtual reality content: running a store with a headset, visiting a museum via Google Dayframe

The second role is creating avenues to increase audiences through evangelists, third agents or just friends who connect their friends and friends of friends organically and with influential people. As organic reach is getting harder and harder, social media ads will play a larger role in the overall digital marketing budget and, once Facebook fixes its reporting, it will be an important part of digital marketing.

More and more consumers use social media for research and expect brands to make themselves available and accepted through social media. Some brands actively use Facebook Messenger for customer service or provide

support through Twitter direct messages. According to GlobalWebIndex, a well-thought-out, global research firm, about 40 percent of all Internet users turn to social channels to research products before making a purchase.

How important is it to track what people say about us for the overall marketing strategy?

Of course, it is very important to stay on top of the conversation, not only about one’s brand, but also be part of the industry interaction or a part of the society with which a person tries to connect. Investing in social media monitoring tools that go beyond our own social media assets is very important, which is helpful in understanding

change in conversations. Sometimes when we have the best conversation we are not in the room. And to be honest, what could be worse than sharing the content that one of your fans did not have to accept? Not everyone uses

‘proper’ tagging or their own social sharing buttons. When consumers share content about companies, they expect the company to go about it and accept it. If they feel neglected they will stop sharing.

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