How to track hashtag performance

If you are running an online business, you should be aware that the hashtag is more than a bunch of phrases identifying a discussion on a specific topic.
It has been nearly 10 years since Chris Messina invented the hashtag. It’s too bad he didn’t file a patent! Hashtags are caught moment by moment and they still thrive because they are easy to use and effective.

If used well, they can be a powerful weapon and a great support to your marketing efforts. It does not matter if you run an online clothes shop, a digital agency, a SaaS business or WhatsApp.

Why Hashtag Matter

Hashtags basically work like links. They create a vast network of conversations to gather people about certain topics, products, brands, and anything else that gets their own hashtag.

They connect people and start conversations around a specific hashtag. Suppose you intend to buy a specialized road bike. However, you have some reservations, because you are unsure of some things. Then you go to Instagram, type #specialized (or any other hashtag used by the brand) and find everyone riding a special bicycle. You can reach them and ask for first-hand opinion or experience.

Hashtags in social media marketing

Similarly, the hashtag is a great weapon of choice when it builds your online presence as a business.

Here’s why:

1. Creating a dedicated hashtag supports establishing your brand image and identity in the market and social media.
For example, Specialized, the bike company I mentioned earlier, uses the # Yorkpecialized hashtag that is similarly used by their bicycle owners.

While writing this post, I am drinking my all time favorite sodi pop which is Coca-Cola. The brand is famous for using the hashtag #ShareACoke

2. Hashtags are your way of reaching consumers talking about your product and the things associated with your business.

First of all, thanks to the hashtag you know your customers. You learn who uses your product and how. You can better adjust your product by getting to know your customers as they talk about its strengths, pain-points, and improvement suggestions.

3. Hashtags support your marketing campaigns.

They increase awareness of your marketing campaign by increasing the reach of social media.

Find the most popular hashtag
Back in the day, we created a guide on how to find the most popular hashtags and bring the most out of them. You can see it here.

Hashtag Performance
However, this is if you want to measure its effectiveness in numbers, then you need an analytics tool.

The most effective and inexpensive social media analytics tool is Brand24. It is a social media monitoring tool that provides a wide range of analytical tools.

It is a paid tool, however, you can take it for two weeks for free.

Then, if you like it, you can choose one of three membership plans starting at $ 49.

how does it work

How to track hashtag performance

Each mention (hashtag in this case) is analyzed in several ways. The tool provides you with data on social media reach, number of interactions, sentiment filters, impressive scores and more.

All mentions appear as email notifications in your dashboard or in your inbox, which you can adjust in many ways. If you use Slack, it appears directly in one of your Slack channels.

The number of mentions in the chart below and their social media reach over a given period of time. You can set the time limit as you wish. Although

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