7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business’s Reputation

Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest attract millions of users every day. However, most organizations do not perform well on these sites.

Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest attract millions of users every day. However, a large number of organizations do not perform well on these sites – social networking takes effort and many businesses fail to invest enough time and energy.

This article outlines some common mistakes on social media as well as some ways to avoid them. The last thing you want to do is embarrass your company and shut down your customers. So let us see what you should not do.

So let us see what you should not do.

1. Pushya Sales Strategy.

Do not assume that social media only acts as an advertising medium. No matter what you are offering, endless sales pitches and promotions about your product or service will only annoy people and send them elsewhere.

People can follow you to learn about the products or benefits you offer, but you have to give them reasons to stay and

come back. Failure to appreciate that social media is about relationships will only be the reason to drive away followers.

Who wouldn’t be angry with a company that keeps bragging, forcing people to buy and giving them annoying messages? Clear about such practice.

2. Too many postings.

Okay, you can post interesting content, which is great – you are on the right track. But be careful – no matter how much engaging content you can come up with, posting too much is a mistake. Excluding excessive content is filling your audience with more information than they want. If you complete it, the audience will feel heavy and angry.

What to do about it? Provide useful information in the measured dose. Do not exaggerate your claims, and try to be innovative. Repeatedly posting the same type of content, or stale content that they can find anywhere, is boring and of little value. To keep things interesting, post different types of content on different topics.

Play with jokes and scenes. Share interesting videos, just keep it diverse.

3. No activity.

Some businesses start a Facebook page and post some articles or videos that they hope will be enough to maintain interest. But if there is no more input, the followers you follow will get bored with it.

Keep in mind that people will not talk about your company until you engage them properly. Larger companies may employ social media managers, but smaller companies should devote sufficient time to social media marketing. This is a precondition of success in today’s digital world – you can no longer be a successful marketer without using social media.

Some things you can do to attract customers include finding popular hashtags and engaging in conversations on Instagram. Another example is coming up with insights to create your own videos and connect to Twitter conversations. Whatever you do, you should always focus on what your audience likes,

be it jokes, mimes or photos. Again – play with the content and make your customers happy.

4. Poor customer service.

Posting comments on Facebook or putting photos on Pinterest are all necessary, but not enough to truly appreciate what your people have in mind. If your customers try to reach you by asking a question or posting a comment and you fail to respond, you could be in big trouble.

This type of behavior indicates to your audience that they are being ignored or devalued, and they will abandon you. And not only that – they may be so dissatisfied with your service that they write a bad review on their profile. Remember – it only hurts your reputation to make a viral post seriously.

Social media is a great opportunity to provide great customer service, so make it a point to be empathetic,

responsive and helpful to people. Answer their inquiries and resolve their issues. 

5. Neglect of followers.

Apart from poor customer service, you can also fail by completely ignoring your followers. Failure to respond to people’s comments, suggestions, and other feedback – even if they don’t ask you directly – is not a way to build a relationship. It is important to remember that all communication is a two-way street. If you are not interacting with followers, their interest will soon disappear.

So be communicative! When talking about your brand, keep the conversation going….

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